Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get the Hell out of Alabama while you still can!

"8/5/2009 Expected deployment of National Guard troops in Jefferson County, Alabama, to perform law enforcement duties in violation of Posse Comitatus due to budget cuts. Plans to slash $4.1 million from the budget of Sheriff Mike Hale by Jefferson County commissioners in order to head off a municipal bankruptcy filing were approved by Circuit Judge Joseph L. Boohaker, Watson wrote."

If you live in need to be emailing, writing letters, showing up in his office...And let Sheriff Hale know that you don't need the American Military to police your roads and march through your neighborhood. This is absolute insanity.

If reason, ration, and logic does not work with Sheriff Hale and the Alabama Government Officials decide to allow the US MILITARY to PATROL/CONTROL ALABAMA STREETS, then you have TWO CHOICES:



2) STOCK UP ON FOOD, WATER, NECESSITIES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, AND WEAPONS and get ready to defend your household from looters and criminals.

There are some old Alex Jones films from the early 90's of Army/Marines training in neighborhoods for street warfare and door to door disarmament...On the surface they are low budget and extra hokey with the doom and gloom music...but if you can look past that and watch the films objectively then you see that these exercises have prepared American Soldiers to do the very thing being proposed in Alabama.

Check out the below Youtube clips:

Contact me if you would like a free DVD copy of Police State...

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