Thursday, August 6, 2009

Restore the's up to us!

After approximately 5 months of research, facts verification, and reading various books and watching movies...I am 100% convinced that America is being destroyed by design. I was initially apprehensive. I second guessed myself. I thought I was going overboard. I still watched CNN and Fox News and was sure that someone else would fight the good fight and speak up for basic American Principles...But the TV networks perpetuate the us vs. them debate...Daily news montages of racism, republicans vs democrats, and fear mongering. These news networks do not inform or present facts... They promote fear and ignorance.

I started this blog as an attempt to contribute to the liberty/freedom movement. It made me feel like I had some sort of voice and it served as a way to collect facts, essays, and video and compile them in one area as an easy reference for all whom are interested...But after long nights of research and talking to fellow patriots..I no longer see this blog as an outlet for a passing interest or hobby. I have no dreams of grandeur or think of myself as some Biblical gray bearded prophet...But I now see a thread running throughout history of evil secret societies, corrupt Government officials, Endless Wars, and the transition from America being a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist Tyrannical World Police who has soldiers in foreign countries, creates magical money from nothing with no real value, and targets it's own citizens as 'Domestic Terrorists'.

If you somehow come across this blog...I encourage you to research all of these essays and blurbs for yourself. Later I will post a window of recommended reading. I also give away free patriotic DVD's. Go to and look for a patriotic group in your town/state. Check out the John Birch Society or join the Campaign for Liberty. Educate yourself. Get involved. Surround yourself with like minded individuals but allow room for disagreements and different viewpoints. Pray to our Creator for rational and good people to take this country back from secretive and globalist interests who conspire to destroy the Constitution and America as we know it...


Fortunate Son


Anonymous said...

Good post Fortunate Son. I know that our country is being destroyed by design. The globalists know that American is their greatest threat to a one world government, based on our history (American Revolution) and our guns. :D We must never forget what our forefathers died for and we ourselves must be willing to die for the same cause over 200 years later. I will never stop, never back down, and will keep on fighting for liberty, freedom, and our beloved Constitution as long as there is a breath in me.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

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