Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama's mancrush on Lincoln

What is this mad obsession Obama has with Lincoln? Why do pink hearts flutter out of his eyes and his heart beats comically out of his chest when he sits at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial and stares deeply into those cold stone eyes? Does he secretly desire to wear the chin strap beard?

Government funded public schools taught me that Lincoln freed the slaves and that a house cannot stand divided...Sounds like a pretty good moral guy, right? WRONG. Lincoln was America's first DICTATOR. Let's see:
Lincoln launched a military invasion into the South without consent of the Congress.
Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. (basically you could be arrested and detained with no evidence and thrown in jail with no hope of trial)
Lincoln imprisoned thousand of Northern US citizens for opposing his policies
Censored all telegraph communication (precursor to the Patriot Act???)
Lincoln used Federal troops to interfere with elections (Anyone ever heard of ACORN and Obama's strange relationship with them!?)
Lincoln began to confiscate firearms (currently private American citizens are buying up guns and ammo while they still can)

Let's stop there... Does any of this sound familiar? Does this parallel what is currently occurring now in the USA? Why would Obama and the mainstream media so openly celebrate his crush on Lincoln?

The Civil War was not necessary to free the slaves. You were not taught that in school. The following countries used Compensated Emancipation to free slaves: Argentina, Bolivia, British Empire, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Sweden, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Compensated Emancipation is basically being financially compensated for the amount of slaves you own resulting in economic capital for the land owner to invest in developing technologies for agricultural use and the subsequent freedom of the slave. This was nonviolent to say the least.

But I thought Lincoln saved the Union from them damned heathen backwoods Southerners? The war was not fought to free the slaves, but to decrease Civil Liberties and Opposition to Big Brother. It was an outright attack against the understood States right of Secession.

More to come... This is a huge part of American History and helps us see how The Federal Government gained so much power and how ideals of the Constitution were crushed or watered down in the name of civil progression and the upcoming birth of the Military Industrial Complex.

Now...Does Lincoln still sound like a good person to base your political ideals and inspiration on?

My source for this blog comes from "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.

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