Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Brother Madness!!!

Check out the above link.

Here's an old southern nugget of wisdom "Always enter or exit a house through the same door"

It basically says that the Government snuck in the back door and now will have a vote as a common stockholder in PRIVATE BANKS. Besides the wicked Federal Reserve, now Big Brother will control private banks. Obama and his goons are destroying our American Currency and Economy. This is not capitalism. The Federal Gov. already has a thumb in the "prosperous pie" known as AIG and GM, now Gubment Motors. The federal government is not the answer. BAILOUTS aren't the answer. We are the answer. Good common sense and sound economics prevail any convoluted attempt to rescue a septic economy flooded with fake fiat money with no real value.

PS- You enter and exit through the same door so the world can see your intentions! That your not a hungry flea ridden wolf with a sack full of ill acquired goods running out the back door of a house you were invited into. American Liberty and Sensibilities are being destroyed right in front of our eyes!

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