Thursday, November 12, 2009


My intention isn't to endorse the above product, but simply to show how RFID chips are not a good thing when it comes to our private/personal information. They are in some credit cards, American Passports since 2006, you have the option to have your pet dog or cat implanted with one so you don't lose Fido, and will be in a New Federal Driver's License if the PASS ACT/REAL ID ACT ever comes to fruition.

The ENDGAME is the destruction of paper money, confiscation of all gold and silver, and a new world currency. One single government with one leader would then rule the world in a tyrannical manner. Then we could all be 'chipped' will a RFID implant which could contain all of our pertinent and personal information. It could have your medical history, social security number, doctor's name, daily medicines, amount of 'credits' you have to spend, address, arrest records, the possibilities are endless..

The above paragraph sounds 'hokey' and conspiratorial in nature...but the technology exists and the legislation is on the table for the PASS ACT. Obama and the Federal Reserve have successfully destroyed the dollar and set us up for hyperinflation. It's only a matter of time...

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