Thursday, November 12, 2009

Primitive Skills

It is always my hope that the rational and sane Americans will prevail in this fight against Socialism, Global Governance, and Erosion of Constitutional Rights. I remain positive despite overwhelming odds. I meet new people every week who are 'awakening' to the corruption of both political parties. As you begin to explore current events and American History you begin to see that the Current Federal Government is targeting it's own citizens. Reports such as the MIAC Report confirm that Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin Supporters, Constitutionalists, and Anti-Abortion supporters are being targeted as 'Domestic Terrorists'... Despite the fact that they tend to be law abiding, tax paying, members of society.

If there was a time in America where Civil Unrest became rampant, those good people would need some understanding of basic Survival/Primitive Skills. Eventually, it would no longer be safe to 'hole up' in your home. To avoid door to door gun confiscation or forced vaccination a patriotic individual may have to venture out into the wilderness.

The above link will take you to a school in Tennessee where you can learn those skills. This school was recommended to me by a good friend who was attended the Tom Brown Tracker Classes in New Jersey. His classes are highly recommended but expensive and quite a distance, so the above link serves as a nice alternative.

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