Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mainstream Media attempts to link Anti-Government and Hate Groups together


"McAdam named several new groups, often dubbed "patriot groups," that have become increasingly active in Montana over the past year, including the Oath Keepers in Bozeman and Celebrating Conservatism in the Bitterroot Valley.

They also include the Lincoln County Watch, which began as a grassroots organization backing the Ron Paul campaign.

After Obama's election as president, however, Lincoln County Watch reorganized with members who share concerns about "public safety, the rule of law, crime prevention, the restoration of our Republic, and the Constitution."

"That is right, the government in Washington, District of Criminals, is terrorizing ‘We the People' with threats against our freedoms, including the threat to take away all our guns, steal our retirement accounts, devalue our currency, end our freedom of speech, and tax us into oblivion," the group says on its Web site."

This Mainstream Media article futilely attempts to tie Campaign for Liberty and Oathkeepers to racist and white power groups such as Stormfront...

Campaign for Liberty and Oathkeepers are legitimate websites which help educate and inspire Americans about the current corrupt Federal Government and their Constitutional Rights.

There are no racist ideals or vitriol associated with Campaign for Liberty or Oathkeepers.

I am against racism or any sort of supremacism. Racism and the race card are tools used by the Mainstream Media and Politicians to incite hatred and get votes...That is it.

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