Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/21/09 Saturday 9am Shoney's Breakfast with Metro Councilman Randy Foster and more!

Come out and support my friend Barry Donegan and educate yourself about local Conservative movements/ideals around Nashville, TN!

Join the Davidson County Republican Party Hermitage/Donelson Group for an "Eggs and Bacon" Summit at the Donelson Pk. Shoney's. We will be convening in the meeting room to discuss a street-level organizational system that can combat the Saul Alinsky strategies of the radical leftists that threaten our Constitutional American way of life.

Being involved in the Republican Party is something that Ron Paul has stressed as very important. Being helpful in organizing a street-by-street liberation of our city from the rubber-stamping policy of our City and Federal government will help you gain a voice in how your community is governed.

Please join us for breakfast!

Speakers will include Metro Councilman Randy Foster, former metro councilman Rod Williams, and Jane Farrell from the TN Energy Forum.

We are looking for people who are interested in working as dictrict coordinators, precinct coordinators, poll workers, poll watchers, and block captains for future election wins.

Please join us to help take limited government from being the subject of discussion clubs to a practical electoral reality.

Feel free to join us, regardless of whether or not you live in those neighborhoods. We have lots of work to do. The focus of this event is learning how to politically organize. We will be focusing on our commonalities, and how we bring those views to life.

Please join us, we are working hard to make this a reality.

The event is free, and in the Shoney's meeting room, but please show your appreciation to the Shoney's company by supporting them with a meal purchase.

Community Liberator DCRP "Eggs and Bacon" Summit

11/21/09 Saturday 9am

546 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

How to find us
"Meeting Room"

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