Thursday, November 26, 2009

Red and Black

Red and Black Colors used in Communist/Socialist Regimes/Groups:
"The red-and-black flag is the symbol of the anarcho-syndicalism and anarchist communism movement. Anarcho-syndicalism, which is part of the labor union movement, draws its principles from both anarchism and more heavily from socialism than many other anti-capitalist anarchist movements. As discussed in the black flag section, black is the traditional color of anarchism, and red is the traditional color of socialism. "
"Well, the Sandinistas had red and black and they really used those colors a lot."
Who were the Sandinistas?:
"The Sandinistas were socialist rebels of Nicaragua.[1]
In the late 1980s, they were portrayed as heroes in the tradition of Che Guevara, unselfishly dedicated to the well-being of the downtrodden masses.
Other reports show them as the worst human rights violators of the region, much worse than anything their supporters tried to pin on the Contras who opposed them.

* The problems began again in 1974, when Sandinista guerrilla groups began to mount very successful operations against Somoza. One popular example was the time when a group of Sandinistas took some elite people hostage at a party and received all of their demands from Somoza in exchange for their release. [1]
* Unlike the Somoza regime, the Sandinistas did not leave the native populations on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua in peace. All Nicaraguans had to take part in the Marxist experiment. Thus, in perfect Khmer Rouge style, the Sandinistas inflicted a ruthless forcible relocation of tens of thousands of Indians from their land. Like Stalin, they used state-created famine as a weapon against these "enemies of the people." The Sandinista army committed myriad atrocities against the Indian population, killing and imprisoning approximately 15,000 innocent people. Front Page magazine"

The colors of red and black have strong Communist and Socialist connotations. I am no fashion expert, but these were probably not the best colors to so boldly display as Michelle Obama did on Election Night.

Compare and contrast the Michelle Obama and Obama Family photos with the Marilyn Manson and Chavez photos along with the Black Widow Spider.

During his Antichrist Superstar tour, Marilyn Manson made a black suit, with red shirt and black tie popular and other musicians such as members of My Chemical Romance and various models in the Fashion Industry have been noted wearing similar outfits...

With all of the unique fashion designers and the rainbow of colors in this world I think some blue, white, or gold would have been more traditional or in better taste...especially with the whispers of a Communist or Socialist President spread throughout his election and now evidenced by his redistribution of wealth, bailing out of private companies with taxpayer dollars, and non elected/self appointment of Czars within his Administration.

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