Saturday, October 31, 2009

Attack of the Flu Viruses...The Swine Flu's Brother H3N2 Strikes Back!

The above link will take you to an audio from a radio show of two Physicians discussing Flu Viruses, vaccines, and an upcoming H3N2 virus this winter...

I personally do not endorse seasonal flu vaccines or the swine flu vaccine...I think they are unnecessary and potentially poisonous...One of the physicians in the above link recommends make your own informed decision...

According to the CDC and most mainstream media sources we are currently dealing with two flu viruses:


Now there is another flu virus lurking around the corner: H3N2 VIRUS

A new virulent strain of H3N2 in the southern hemisphere and according to scientists is heading for the Northern Hemisphere this winter around January/February..It seems to affect 50+ year olds, especially the elderly population.

"Type A(H3N2) influenza virus, isolated in Alaska earlier this season (1), has now been isolated from a woman in New York City, an infant in Oregon, and a 4-year-old child who became ill after returning to Virginia from Hawaii. The woman, a 26-year-old resident of New York City, had onset of influenza on November 17. She had not recently traveled outside the metropolitan area. The male infant, who lived in Corvallis, Oregon, had onset on November 2 of an illness initially suspected to be caused by enteroviral infection. The 4-year-old had returned to Virginia with his family on October 19, after a 7-day vacation to Honolulu, and developed high fever, cough, and malaise on October 20. His illness worsened, and he was lethargic when admitted to a District of Columbia hospital on October 22. The child improved rapidly and was discharged on October 26. On October 18, just before departing from Hawaii, the child's mother had onset of influenze-like illness, and a younger sister had an influenza-like illness concurrent with her brother, but specimens for virus isolation were not collected from either. "

A forwarded email on H3N2 Virus:

"Another storm may be brewing for the coming flu season: A component
of the seasonal flu shot may not be well matched to the circulating
viruses, potentially setting up what's known as a vaccine mismatch.
Some samples of the emerging new strain of H3N2 viruses show a
substantially reduced response to antibodies generated by the
corresponding virus in the seasonal vaccine, raising the possibility
of significantly reduced protection in some cases.

Vaccine mismatches are bad at the best of times. More people get sick
during flu seasons with mismatches. But a seasonal flu vaccine
mismatch coinciding with a flu pandemic? That is no one's idea of a
good time. Dr. Allison McGeer groaned when she heard a new H3N2
variant is circulating in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere.
"It's going to be a long winter. I know that already," said McGeer,
an influenza expert and head of infection control at Toronto's Mount
Sinai Hospital. "It's not going to be pleasant because ... it's going
to be one big long influenza season, from some time in September
until next May.",F2400_P1001_ARCHIVE_NUMBER,F2400_P1001_USE_ARCHIVE:1001,20090724.2623,Y

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