Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stock up while you can

"Bullets, especially for handguns, have been scarce for months because gun enthusiasts are stocking up on ammo, in part because they fear President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress will pass antigun legislation — even though nothing specific has been proposed"

"Gun sales spiked when it became clear Obama would be elected a year ago and purchases continued to rise in his first few months of office."

“Without bullets a gun is just a paper weight.”

“I call it the Obama effect,” said Gregory, 37, of Terrytown, La. “It always happens when the Democrats get in office. It happened with Clinton and Obama is even stronger for gun control. Ammunition will be the first step, so I’m stocking up while I can.”

The above link takes you to an article detailing the increased demand for bullets since Obama's Election. The article fails to mention we are involved in two Endless Wars which is probably another reason ammunition is scarce and prices are inflated. Nevertheless, Americans feel there is something very wrong with today's Administration. In fact, I would bet most Americans have had this gut instinct for quite some time.

Having a good stock of ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies doesn't make you a cultist or extremist..It just means you are prepared and self-sufficient. I am sure everyone has told their children the parable of the ant or squirrel who played all summer and starved during the winter.

Another fact the report failed to mention is that the Obama Administration has hinted towards gun control..He just hasn't got to it yet..First he has to finish wrecking our economy by using our tax payer dollars to bailout private businesses, obtain further control/regulation of Health care, and play King of the Hill at the United Nations...Then he'll get around to taking our guns and ammo away...

Diane Feinstein:

"I wouldn't bring it up now...I'll pick the time and question about that" (referring to passing legislation to ban assault weapons)

Listen to Robert Gibbs stammer through this question about an Assault Weapons Ban:

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