Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrew Jackson vs. Obama

Obama = Socialism = Bigger more Bloated Federal Govt. = Communism = Redistribution of Wealth:

"Fourteen of the top federal agencies responsible for spending under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act say they've hired about 3,000 workers with stimulus money. That's helped fuel the continued growth of the federal government, which increased by more than 25,000 employees, or 1.3%, since December 2008, according to the latest quarterly report. During that time, the ranks of the nation's unemployed increased by nearly 4 million, Labor Department statistics show.

Need I even bother: Financial Bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, Huge Cigarette Tax, Increased funding/troop levels in the Endless Wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc...

Overall, there are about 2 million federal workers, the data show."

Jackson = Cut Fed. Govt Jobs = ran the Central Bankers out of town = killed a lot of Indians (I really wish he didn't do that)

Andrew Jackson was the only President in American History to pay off the national debt and leave office with the country in the black

Destroyed the Central Banking System

Reduced the size of the Federal Government by firing 2,000 of the 11,000 Federal Govt. Employees. That's 18%!!!

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