Thursday, September 3, 2009

Origin Story continued


Who is that gentleman who hands the Obama Supporters the Campaign for Liberty postcard (at 2min 40sec)? Is he the 'Forgotten Man' as described in Ron Paul's book 'The Revolution: A Manifesto' ?

During that moment, those young black women stood bravely while being surrounded by mainly older white men. Some hurled insults, some were quiet, and some flew a flag in their face. I could see this situation only getting worse...So I told them I thought they were brave for standing up for what they believe in and asked them to please check out Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty for real hope and change...Soon after that another person introduced himself and spoke about the Constitution and Current Events in a rational way free from personal attacks..

I think that is how we will win the Second American Revolution..Through education, mercy, and wisdom..Standing tall and firm to our beliefs but not making it an US vs. THEM war....

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Anonymous said...

Well said - keep up the great work !
Jim S.