Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Proposal and it's effects

La Raza members assault Healthcare protestors in Texas:

Obama wants the IRS to enforce cryptic and confusing healhcare rules:

"The Democrats' plan would require all Americans to have "acceptable" insurance coverage (the legislation includes long and complex definitions of "acceptable") and would designate the IRS as the agency charged with enforcing that requirement. On your yearly 1040 tax return, you would be required to attest that you have "acceptable" coverage. Of course, you might be lying, or simply confused about whether or not you are covered, so the IRS would need a way to check your claim for accuracy. Under current plans, insurers would be required to submit to the IRS something like the 1099 form in which taxpayers report outside income. The IRS would then check the information it receives from the insurers against what you have submitted on your tax form."

Rabid Obama Supporter/Communist bites off Anti-Obama Protestor's pinky finger:

"A healthcare-reform opponent whose finger was partially bitten off Wednesday during a Thousand Oaks rally said today that doctors could not re-attach the severed section.

William Rice, 65, of Newbury Park also confirmed reports that he threw the first punch in the confrontation that claimed part of his left pinky.

“When he got in my personal space, I popped him in the nose,” Rice said. “I felt like I had no choice other than to defend myself.”"

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