Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who is Joseph Moshe?

The above link directs you to a story about a man who made threats to the White House. The report is vague with little details except that the man somehow withstand multiple rounds of teargas...

Below are some comments posted to the website...

"The would-be bomber, Joseph Moshe, called into the Dr True Ott Show on Republic Broadcasting and said he was a microbiologist who wanted to hand over evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 vaccines being produced by Baxter pharmaceutical. He claimed that that Baxter’s lab in the Ukraine was in fact preparing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He maintained that the vaccine contained both adjuvants designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 global pandemic. That’s it. He made no threat against Obama, nor said anything about bombs or any attack. The following day he was hauled out of his red VW beetle by a SWAT team and arrested. He was immediately extradited to Israel, where he has dual-citizenship, and hasn’t been heard from since. All this talk portraying him as being a right-wing nutcase is disinformation designed to keep his disturbing comments from alarming the public."

"Project Camelot and Bill Deagle reported another side of this story involving Joseph Moshe, a biological­-scientist with a dual citizenship in Israel and mussad traning in biological warfare, hence his ability to withstand the tear gas attack. Moshe phoned Dr. Tru Ott's radio show and said that he had evidence that the vaccine company Baxter was making a bioweapon that would cause a plague when the vaccine was released."

"The day after Moshe phoned the radio show, a swat team surrounded his Volkswagen Beetle near the Federal building near the Israeli consulate which was apparently Moshes destination. The mainstream media spun a story that Moshe had threatened the White House with a bomb, that there were outstanding warrants against him and that he was depressed. No mention of that Moshe was a biological­-scientist or the information he provided on Dr. True Otts radio show about the vaccine company Baxter. NBC LA reported on Aug 17 that Moshe was in jail but Dr. Deagle says that Moshe has been sent to Israel."

Does this link verify that he was some sort of biomedical expert or scientist?

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Anonymous said...

This whole story stinks. A Dr Moshe Bar-Joseph is a recognized virologist at the Volcani institute
The man arrested as "Joseph Moshe" supposedly a microbiologist does not exist in the scientific community. The man arrested is too young to be Bar-Joseph. Neither the True Ott interview can be found at Republic nor has proof been offered anyone was deported. I have seen some stinkers in My day but this takes the cake.