Friday, August 21, 2009

Musician, Politician, the Legend

Here's a link to a recent interview with Barry Donegan about his political views and his band 'Look What I Did'.

"But, there is a new touchy subject, and that is Obama. Primarily because he has tricked a lot of punk rock kids into thinking that he is different from Bush because he has a different rhetorical style than Bush. He's not.

He's expanding our warmongering foreign policy with a troop surge in Afghanistan, he's got unmanned drones bombing rural Pakistan. Still pushing Iran with harsh rhetoric. He's still stealing from working families and giving it to bankers via bailouts and inflation. He is still backing the criminal banking cartel, the Federal Reserve, and, rather than pursuing oversight, he is actually suggesting that the secret, private banking cartel deserves more authority.

He has expanded a Czar system, which is very similar to Mussolini's fascist model, where economic control is taken by a public/private partnership where there is a government gatekeeper to each industry which has the ability to choose the winners and losers in business based on their political connections. This keeps all business in favor with the State, and those who oppose it can be snuffed out. It's dangerous. He appointed the Tom Vilsak, friend of Monsanto, to the Department of Agriculture. Hope you vegans are listening, because Monsanto is no friend of yours. The whole farmer's coop or farmer's market model is in trouble, because of bills entered into the Congress now by his party and appointments by his administration., people, next time before you vote."

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