Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring down the Cable Industry

Do your part to help the Cable Industry tumble...My last cable bill was $100...Really?!? What am I doing with my time? And my money?!?

Since then I have cancelled Comcast Cable Television and now have hooked up my laptop to my television. I can now use different sites such as to watch free movies and television shows whenever I want...I understand the appeal of plopping down on the couch and holding the remote and clicking away..I would encourage you to consider the benefits of cancelling cable television:

  • Save a Hundred Bucks a month or so
  • You will watch less television (no more mind numbingly flipping through channels)
  • If you want to watch a movie go to redbox for a $1 rental or there are many sites on the internet such as bittorrent to obtain new releases and such
  • More time with your family and friends
  • More time to read books or pursue your hobbies
Here are just a few websites that offer free television shows, documentaries, news channels, and films:

Here are two links with written instructions and a Youtube video to walk you through the process:

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