Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ostrich Syndrome

Why are the four pictures relevant when grouped together? I think they all tell a piece of the current state that America is in... We are lured into fantasy fueled debt, plugged into our videogames and computers, we now have magic seashell radios in our ears like the one described in Fahrenheit 451, and mostly we are content to keep our heads in the ground...Adrift in our personal fantasy of power, conquest, climbing the corporate ladder, occasionally watching the Corporate Controlled Mass Media News.

I used to be all of the above pictures. I've stated this before...I am no saint. I have just 'woken up'. America is being slowly and systematically destroyed by design. And our American Forefathers who shed their blood and died so we could be free of Tyrannical rulers and practice whatever kind or worship or endeavor that seemed appealing would be revolted to see what America has mutated into...

I truly understand it is comfortable and warm inside that hole in the sand where the ostrich hides their head. The warm blue glow of the television, designer sweat shop made clothes from Countries we rob of natural resources and probably have or will bomb and invade, and a belly full of pesticide laden trans fat food...Those are things we are used to...But deep down in our guts..Americans have a nagging question..Is this it? Is this all there is to life? Am I supposed to drudge through high school and college and have my 2.3 kids, 4 divorces, and pay my taxes until death?

OR is their a higher calling?

The spark of liberty, the urge for freedom, the need to know and honor your Creator, is written into the heart of every human. I am not telling you who to worship or where to go to church...but I am asking you to believe:

That you, one person, can make a difference.

You are a special creation..unique..and lovingly made by God.

That our country was formed upon a unique set of morals and principles...

Our Ancestors were wise enough to establish a Constitution that limits the power of a Federal or Central Govt. and gives the majority of power to the Local or State Govt. Such rights as free speech, right to bear arms, and freedom of religion are vital to our Republic's success..and our Forefather's had enough insight to recognize that..

Although our Forefather's were God Fearing Christians and our Republic was and is a Christian Nation with Judeo-Christian is not a requirement or necessity to be an American. The profession of no faith or any faith is acceptable.

Which leads me to this question:

How do you wake someone up who has fallen into a self-indulgent slumber of Big Macs, Bailouts, and Moral Relativism?

Very Gently.

During a Conscious Sedation you give medicine to relax a patient and place them into a dissociative state. They don't really feel pain and are in a dream like state. While under the influence of such medicine, a Physician can reduce and set a broken bone. The Nurse then monitors vital signs and assesses their neurological status. The Nurse gently awakens the patient by slowly raising the head of the bed or by calling the patient's name. Lights are turned back on..After a while, sips of water are given. It is only after the patient is awake and aware of their surroundings and has shown they are not symptomatic or having any ill effects such as nausea and vomiting...then they are discharged home.

There are two medicines which you can give in an Emergent Situation which reverses the effects of pain or sedative type medicine. This quickly takes away the lull of the narcotic or dissociative agent and violently awakens them to pain and realization of their broken deformed arm.

So, my dear friends, as we meet and talk, make new friends, have dinner and fellowship...may we gently encourage each other and systematically explain the founding principles of our great country and truths about misdeeds and injustice against the common man and the blights and stains left on our Constitution by a Corrupt Federal Government and the Power Hungry Group of Private Bankers deceptively entitled 'The Federal Reserve'.

I am here for you....Email me.. Come to a discussion group.. I've got free DVD's and fliers for anyone interested....


Fortunate Son

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