Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marsha Blackburn betrayed Conservative/Constitutionally Minded Tennesseans

BAD NEWS! Congressman Marsha Blackburn is no longer on our side. She is supporting legislation HR 3174 which basically forces TN forms of identification to comply with the REALID/PASS Act which would potentially mean our TN Driver's License and/or Social Security Card would have to have a photo with a RFID chip. The RFID chip is a way to be tracked and has your personal information on it..which can easily be obtained by even the most mediocre hacker....

Here's an email I was forwarded from Campaign for Liberty

I just saw this bill come across, it is sponsored by our very own Marsha Blackburn, and defines acceptable identification that would become the only forms of ID that a federal agency or a financial instiution (and we know how loose they are with the definition of a "financial institution") would be able to accept. They are all government issued, and requires that Driver's Licenses will only work if they are in compliance with the REAL ID. Please let District 7 and Marsha Blackburn know how you feel about this (and I was starting to think she was pretty cool).

Go to her website and email/call her..let her know that Tennesseans value privacy and Constitutional Rights!

Here is a link detailing some of her past Anti-Constitutional Anti-Conservative VOTES:

"Ban on UN Contributions. This amendment to H.R. 1950 (Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 2004 and 2005) by Rep Ron Paul (R-Texas) stated that “none of the funds authorized … by this Act may be obligated or expended to pay any United States contribution to the United Nations or any affiliated agency of the United Nations.” The House rejected this amendment to H.R. 1950 on July 15, 2003 by a vote of 74 to 350 (Roll Call 364). Marsha Blackburn Voted AGAINST this bill. 108-2 (Source: The New American, December 29, 2003)"

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MickeyWhite said...

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
She is no conservative.
See her unconstitutional votes at :