Friday, June 19, 2009

Political Protestors are Low Level Terrorists?!?

"The Department of Defense is training all of its personnel in its current Antiterrorism and Force Protection Annual Refresher Training Course that political protest is “low-level terrorism.”"

The above photograph is a couple I interviewed on 4/15/09 at the Nashville Tea Party. I have no training in journalism nor I am a gifted public speaker. But on that day...I felt like I had to do something...I felt like and I still feel the America I know and believe in is slipping away a little bit more every day. You may here a blurb or two on FOX News (I prefer to call them FAUX as in FAKE news) but your civil liberties are being legislated out of existence.

The above quote refers to the link listed below concerning American Citizens who attend protests...All of this is really happening. Do they couple above look like 'Domestic Terrorists'? I talked with them and interviewed them. I guess they were in their early seventies. I had to yell so the gentleman could hear my questions. They told me they had never attended a protest, but the gentleman said he has watched America's morality and leadership decline over the years and he wanted to stand for something... If you look at my main page I have links to some different people I interviewed. There were families there, fathers and sons, young women on there lunch break, nurses and paramedics on there day off, teenagers, black and white citizens...I did not meet or encounter anyone dangerous or threatening.

The question is: Why is the Mainstream Media and the Federal Government trying to silence a portion of America? The portion of America who are hard working, pay their taxes, law abiding citizens, with conservative morals, who remember history and a series of abuses such as the Civil War, the clandestine activities of the birth of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and the rush to vaccinate America after the original Swine Flu with disastrous results...We...'Libertarians' or 'Conservatives' or 'Republicans' or 'Silent Majority' ...whatever label works for you...We remember such patriotic figures such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams...We hold dear documents like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bible...We don't want everyone to convert to our moral values...We just want freedom and restoration of individual State Sovereignty with limited power going to the Federal Government as outlined in the Constitution/Dec of Independence/Bill of Rights...

Why silence the patriots? Why silence the people who pay their taxes and who don't depend on the Federal Government for food, money, or healthcare?

How much longer do we freedom loving American citizens have?

I think we have come to a point in our society where you have to start asking yourself that question....


moonflower317 said...

I love how southerners try to diminish the most evil aggression of the 1860's--slavery, by arguing that the Civil War usurped state's rights. A bigger issue was human rights, which supercedes state's rights. At least I would hope that southerners and Confederate sympathizers, especially ones who argue for freedom in the 21st century, believe that. It was because of the "northern aggressors" that thousands of innocent people were given their freedom that was unjustly taken from them. To say that there were many people against slavery in the South doesn't validate the argument, because the fact is that slavery was still legal.

Son3 said...

Yes, Moonflower317, slavery was a blight in America in those days.

So, too, was the mindset of racial superiority, a silly notion, among Northerner and Southerner alike, even Lincoln himself.

Perhaps the U.S. should have invaded the African countries that sold the slaves to the U.S. as well. Perhaps they should have held prisoner the same dark-skinned men that sold their innocent countrymen into slavery.

No slave was ever brought to this continent under the Confederate flag, but under the U.S. flag.

I am a Southern sympathizer, and am adamantly against the maltreatment of any human, dark-skinned or light, or the forced labor thereof.

moonflower317 said...

You're right about the fact that slaves were brought to this country under the U.S. flag. But that is why we have constitutional amendments. We recognize an act or denial of a right to be wrong; we become enlightened and progress forward. The 13th and 14th amendments were formulated for this reason. Slavery was already abolished in many Northern states prior to this, however.

I didn't mean to get into a debate over slavery, but using the Civil War as an example of how the U.S. has blasted freedom, independence and the right to living as one wants to seems hypocritical coming from someone from the South. Sorry, just telling it as I see it. If you want to get your message across to Northerners, you need to leave the Civil War out of the argument. History may be written by the victors, but most Northerners don't want to hear your side of it.

Son3 said...

I think the point this author was trying to make, in the context of abuse of power, was that the Civil War was the result of the long standing, and still ongoing, argument of state's rights vs. federal control. Slavery was a part of this argument during the Civil War.

To say, though, that the defense of slavery was the cause, or even the driving force of the South's militaristic response to the North's militaristic aggression is evidence of ignorance of the facts. (I say this with all due respect to you.)

Using slavery as an example of how the South was hypocritical in their message of state's rights is silly. Every nation in the world kept slaves at one time or another; that doesn't make it right, but those were the times in which they lived.

Had I lived in those days, I would have fought tooth and nail to free slaves.

History was written by the victors, and the Southerners don't want to hear your side, either.

By the way, I am neither a Northerner nor a Southerner, I am a Kansan.

Fortunate Son said...

it pisses me off when I am written off as a country bumpkin or a racist because I believe the Civil War was an invasion by the Federal Army into the South..Lincoln was a dictator...Lincoln censored newspapers..Arrested the mayor of Maryland...Arrested Northerners who spoke out against the Civil War...And publicly stated he was not concerned with freeing the slaves!!!Please read the REAL LINCOLN BY THOMAS DILORENZO

Son3 said...

Yes, Fortunate Son!