Friday, June 19, 2009

Idiot Alert!

“The audit? It’s a bad idea,” said Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, head of the Republican Conference in the Senate. “It’s a sorry day when the Congress superimposes itself on the Fed, nosing around in monetary policy. It’s bad enough we are nosing around with the car companies.”

Umm..Perhaps Lamar Alexander needs some oxygen or forgot to take his Geritol...

But the Car Companies are private businesses which were going bankrupt and could have continued to fail but the Federal Govt. intervened and used my tax dollars to bail out a private company. Makes no sense. I have no daily interaction or need for GM or Chrysler. If the company was to crumble it would not affect me...It would not have destroyed the American Economy. If GM or Chrysler produce a sound quality product then they could become viable again...But why spend my money on a product that no one wants?!?

The Federal Reserve on the other hand...It does affect me and the lives of every American...The Federal Reserve is a private company and not a government entity. The Federal Reserve can inflate and deflate the value of our money at their choosing. There is no regulation or rhyme or reason to the Federal Reserve...The Federal Reserve does not produce a product that I can choose or choose not to purchase or participate in...I am forced to use the American Dollar as currency...So due to the recent economic crisis...paper money with no intrinisic value and no longer backed up by gold or silver...printing of imaginary money...selling bonds to China at a record rate..Various Countries abandoning the use of our American Dollar in their treasuries...Perhaps it is time for the Federal Reserve to be audited to ensure they have the best interest in mind for the American People and not the private citizens and bankers who control it...

If you want to contact our Senator and let him know what you think, his contact information is listed at the following link:

Oh yeah, he's also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.. (you know, one world government..give up Constitutional Rights in the name of keeping us safe and becoming a more global society)

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