Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is encouraging news! Please check out

This is a grassroots organization basically stating the trained soldiers of the Army/Marines etc.. will not stand and fire on fellow lawful American citizens!

They are already planning a protest/rally on 6/13/09 in Washington DC! This is what I'm talking about! The awakening of the silent majority...Returning common sense and decency and a sense of honor and duty to Americans to defend the Constitution, the sanctity of life, and the pursuit of ungoverned civil liberties.

This is why the good decent citizens of America still have a chance to return America to it's sensibilities.

Information Revolution:
1. Gather or Assemble in small groups or meeting to discuss American History, Constitution, and Currents Events
2. Educate yourself through reading a history book and checking for two reliable sources on the Internet.
3. Create a blog or website or political action committee and get started. Get your beliefs out, get your story out. Be heard!
4. Continued State Wide Protests with a push to consider the importance and authority of the 1oth Amendment to the Constitution.

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