Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's Wrong with these Pictures?!?

What emotions do these pictures evoke in you? This may be the correct question to ask citizens of the USA, instead of are you Republican or Democrat or Christian Conservative or Jewish or Mexican or Progressive Yellow Dog Democrat or whatever label people fancy at the moment. Because at the core, we are all Americans. We all enjoy freedoms and liberties whether we realize or appreciate them. I can own a gun, publish a blog, say whatever word I want and I cannot be jailed or punished for exercising those rights (for now).

Now take another look at these pictures. Why should an American President bow to a Foreign Saudi King? Why glad hand with a corrupt Dictator? Why not hold your hand over your heart in solemn appreciation over our Founding Fathers, their sacrifice, and the blood of early Americans that was spilled?

Now take a look at this youtube link:

Is it coincidence that this occurred on a Monday 4/27/09 as Americans were learning more about a possible Swine Flu pandemic? Why would the Obama team want to scare Americans? Look at the fear and panic in the NY citizens faces as they run..Now, you tell me.. Who are the Domestic Terrorists now?

Me, who reads the Bible, the Constitution, has a Don't Tread on Me sticker on my car and attends Tea Party Protests?

OR the Federal Govt. who has a possible pandemic flu on their hands and don't bother closing the Border and have a Homeland Security Bozo talk to the American people through daily televised briefings..instead of I dunno.. A NURSE OR DOCTOR OR EPIDEMIOLOGIST!!! And then "accidentally" fly low over NYC funded by taxpayer dollars, for a photo shoot... GIMME A BREAK!!!

What kind of message are they trying to send to us? Us meaning the working class, the common people, who go to work, do a good job, pay our taxes, try to be good moral law abiding citizens...Could it be that the Average Joe, like me, is starting to educate himself? Could it be that Average Joe went to the 4/15/09 Tea Party and got inspired to do something? Like pick up a book about Early American History, read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, start a blog or start having small discussions about current events in their homes, maybe they googled Ron Paul, or started reading from or Maybe Average Joe turned off CNN and FOX and ABC and started trying to figure out the truth for himself...

My fellow Americans, THIS is what this blog is all about... the pursuit of truth and liberty at all costs, return to the things in life that really matter.. Your Family, your loved ones, friends, honesty, sacrifice and remembering what it means to be an American. It is American to speak out against a Fear Mongering Govt. It is okay to speak out against Obama, it doesn't make you racist or narrow minded. It may be a little scary at first, but align yourself with the right people, who don't have an agenda or require a fee to join their club, or make you perform some satanic ritual, and make sure what your reading is sound truth, sensible, and rational.

This is still our country. The spirit of those fallen Americans who dared to rebel against the British still linger within us. It is part of our genetic makeup/our very being to stand up against tyrants, to carry weapons and defend ourselves and family, to honor and protect women and children, to honor God and worship Him however we please, be it outside in nature or in a Church, Protestant or Catholic, Buddhist, etc...

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