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Satanic Rituals in Nashville, TN

WARNING: This post details very disturbing information about sexual abuse, ritual torture, and brainwashing...

Brice Taylor

Brice Taylor

Cathy O' Brien

Cathy O' Brien

Nashville, TN Connection:

Sex, Lies, and Mind Control

by Cathy O'Brien

The Grand Ole Opry

"After graduating from Muskegon Catholic Central, Senator Byrd ordered that I go to Nashville, Tennessee. Although Senator Byrd is from West Virginia, his influence in Nashville is still very strong be cause of the corruption that permeated the country music industry. CIA drug running operations were going on within the country try music industry. White slavery was prevalent. And corruption all the way to the top of the politicians from Tennessee was extensive.

Also, Senator Byrd fancied himself an entertainer. He thought he was a fiddler and he'd play at the Grand Ole Opry on occasion. And it was on one of those occasions that I was first went to Nashville. Playing music behind Senator Byrd was a guy named Wayne Cox.

After the Opry, I was subjected to an occult ritual and witnessed a murder. The first of many that I would witness Wayne Cox commit. He shot a railroad bum right between the eyes and removed his hands. This was so traumatizing to me that I readily accepted the program that I would have to go with Wayne Cox. Of course this was against my will. I was so terrified after what had happened but I couldn't think to refuse. I could not think to not do what I was told.

As my handler, Cox followed Senator Byrd's instructions to insure that I was at certain places at specific times for mind control programming and above all, for further traumatization. Because Senator Byrd was preparing me to participate in criminal covert operations during the Reagan-Bush administration, he wanted numerous memory compartments to be programmed. Which meant I would need to be further traumatized for each "compartment" and Wayne Cox was actively involved as a serial killer in occultism.

"On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK Ultra. On February 8th 1988, an MK Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. TRANCE Formation of America exposes the truth behind this criminal abuse of the Unconstitutional 1947 National Security Act"

"I had met Lamar Alexander in 1973, at a satanic ritual I was subjected to in an affluent neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee.

Lamar Alexander presided over this sex-oriented occult ritual with full understanding of my Project Monarch Mind-Control victimization and the impact his actions were having on my mind. It was my experience then, and intermittently throughout the years, that Lamar Alexander’s sexual perversion was to bring his victim to the point of death through oral suffocation."

"During the course of publicly exposing Tennessee’s need for education reform as instructed, I was in contact with Commissioners, Superintendents, Mayors, and Lamar Alexander. Lamar Alexander, who followed Bennett as Bush’s Secretary of Education, worked in close association with Bill Bennett to manipulate the minds of the masses to accept Education 2000 as the ONLY means of education reform."

Here is a recent story about Lamar Alexander and his association with a controversy referred to as 'Rapegate'...:

"In October, Franken sponsored an amendment to the Pentagon spending bill that barred federal contracts to defense contractors who force employees into an arbitration process for claims of sexual assault. The measure passed with the support of 10 of the 40 Senate Republicans.

The bill was inspired by the story of former KBR employee Jamie Leigh Jones, who was drugged, beaten and gang-raped at age 19 when stationed in Baghdad. Her contract with KBR would have forced her into a “private, secret tribunal chosen by the company"—and kept her from filing a lawsuit against KBR, or even telling her story. Jones was so badly beaten that she is permanently disfigured, but the Department of Justice has declined to investigate. The men who raped her were not fired, much less prosecuted.

That said, stories like that of Jamie Leigh Jones were not enough to convince 30 Republicans that reform was necessary and liberal commentators like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and our own Megan Carpentier slammed them for siding with corporate interests. Now, those 30 Republicans aren’t happy about being portrayed for what they are: soulless shills willing to trade the safety of American citizens working abroad at the behest of their corporate backers."

Perhaps High Profile Politicians such as Lamar Alexander and Mark Sanford have ulterior motives or past guilt associated with extra marital affairs and/or rape.

Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina and his recent confession of an extra-marital affair:

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