Friday, December 4, 2009

The Modern Liberal

Al Gore recently traveled the nation for book signings of his latest propaganda piece, Our Choice. Men and Women protested, confronted Gore, and were immediately swept away once a word of truth passed their lips. Thanks to video cameras and YouTube, these confrontations only added to the public's fury; increasing the size of the protests every bit of the way. Americans are awakening in the masses. However, Al Gore is talented in the way that he conditions his fans. The individuals who question Gore are deemed "deniers" referring to Holocaust deniers. They are portrayed as insane conspiracy theorists who do not care for the environment. They are not deemed worth a civil debate, instead they are attacked and taunted. This tactic comes directly from Gore himself.

Mind control techniques.. they have been used throughout history, and are still used in the most unexpected of places. Hitler began attacking Jews far before his takeover so that the German public would believe that the Jews were the enemy. Much the same, the people who speak up, who ask questions... are deemed right wing extremists and violent militia members by our very own government. People like Al Gore, Rachel Maddow, and Obama himself only add fuel to this fire. These people have been conditioned to hate. It is a divide and conquer tactic. They defame us, we try to defend ourselves.. it is an endless cycle. One thing these individuals do not expect is love and understanding. They expect us to violently attack them in return, they search for this confrontation. Do not give them the privilege. I used to be the same, I would get into long heated discussions with the most rude of liberals, but then I realized.. this does not get me anywhere. If anything, they are searching for this constant attacking. They cannot debate, only attack.

Many liberals believe that they care the most about others. If that is true.. they would be much more understanding. There is something deeply wrong with this country, not just of those in power.. but the Americans that are falling pray to this modern liberal mindset. Today's liberal is taught that questioning is wrong, attacking dissenting opinions is correct, never debate, never keep an open mind. This is not what liberalism is about. I am a paleoconservative, so I do not agree with the liberal mindset.. but I do realize that liberalism has taken a turn for the nasty. It used to be about caring for others.. now it seems to only be about attacking and downgrading others.

My conclusion is this: if someone attacks you and will not allow any civil debate.. do not debate them any further. It will not make any progress. Show them love, show them understanding. They may not act as if they have changed at first.. but I guarantee that you have placed a seed in their mind. Share understanding.. and one day they will realize how flawed their mindset really is.. then maybe they will start questioning. Yes, there are many things that have to change in our government. However, we still have to change the indoctrinated American people.

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