Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal-

Perverse and Celebrated American Writer.
Possible relative of Al Gore.
Bold and Outspoken Advocate of Homosexuality and Eugenicism.

From the Conservapedia article:
"Gore Vidal, born 1925, is an American writer notorious for his promotion of homosexuality and transexualism in two of his novels. "

"The main character of City rapes and murders a man who resists his sexual advances. The hero of Myra Breckinridge also rapes a man. "

Interview with Gore Vidal by Playboy:
"I would like to replace our present system with an Authority–with a capital A–that would have total control over environment. And environment means not only air, earth and water but the distribution of services and products, and the limitations of births."

"Only certain people would be allowed to have children. Nor is this the hardship that it might at first appear. Most people have no talent for bringing up children and they usually admit it–once the damage is done."

"If education and propaganda failed, those who violated the birth-control restrictions would have to pay for their act as for any other criminal offense."

"Incontinent breeding endangers the human race. That is a fact with which we now live. If we don’t limit our numbers through planned breeding, they will be limited for us in the natural way: famine and war. I think it more civilized to be unnatural and voluntarily limit population."

"The family is an economic unit, not a biological unit; and once the economic need for it is gone–when women are able to get jobs and support themselves–the unit ceases to have any meaning"

"I’d like to see them brought up communally, the way they are in certain of the Israeli kibbutzim. I suspect that eventually, the whole idea of parenthood will vanish, when children are made impersonally by laboratory insemination of ova."

"Further, I would favor an intelligent program of eugenics that would decide which genetic types should be continued and which allowed to die off. It’s within the range of our science to create, very simply, new people physically healthier and intellectually more competent than ourselves. After all, we do it regularly in agriculture and in the breeding of livestock, so why not with the human race? According to the somber Dr. William Shockley–the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who once contravened liberal doctrine by suggesting that we should look for genetic differences among the races–our preservation, through advanced medicine, of physically and mentally weak strains is now making the race less fit with each generation."

And it only makes sense that this Pervert and Eugenicist is related to Al Gore:
"Vidal says his grandfather, Sen. Thomas P. Gore of Oklahoma, and Al Gore's father, Sen. Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee, were sixth cousins. That would make Gore Vidal and Al Gore Jr. seventh cousins, once removed"

I argue that pornography and magazines like Playboy have contributed to the destruction of the Family Unit and Basic Moral Values.

Pornography is an offshoot of Eugenicism in the sense that it has invaded popular culture and can cause addiction which has led to the dissolution of many marriages...Much like Abortion is now a popular Women's Lib cause, yet Abortion is the very opposite of the maternal instinct. Abortion was formerly celebrated and promoted in the 1920's and 30's via Eugenicism in the United States. American Scientists who studied Eugenicism, promoted Abortion, and Forced Sterilization helped inspire Hitler and his scientists experiments on those who experienced great suffrage under his tyrannical rule.

Pornography is unrealistic. It is fake. Men and Women are airbrushed via digital software. Men and Women are subjected to aggressive and perverse acts which are then viewed by the Masses and perceived as attractive and normal. Pornography Stars use medicines and surgeries to achieve and produce this 'fantasy' version of human sexuality. Pornography is wrong because it cripples the expectations of any viewer in their sexual relationships. Pornography is wrong/immoral because it is a perversion of something natural, sacred, and beautiful that God created to occur between a man and a woman.

Quote from a comment on the dangers of pornography:
"Pornography that is hurtful, pain inflicting, or perverted in nature, is destructive and should be avoided. Of course, destructive pornography is promoted by the Illuminati in the interest of leading you into darker, more perverse, and and increasingly corruptive behavior. The idea is to separate you from higher spiritual consciousness, so naturally, the promotion of impersonal sex will keep you focused on the purely physical while minimizing the connection to the heart and your Higher Self."

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