Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Attack of the Unmanned Drones

Footage of a Predator Drone Obliterating some Iraqi's:

Unmanned Drones now being used to monitor the Border and drug traffickers..How long before this is Drone begins firing missiles at 'illegal aliens' or drug smugglers? We should just close our borders instead of spending 13.5 million dollars to create a robot to help keep on eye on it...

"The new maritime version of the aircraft cost $13.5 million. Dubbed the "Guardian," it will be based at Cape Canaveral in Florida and will begin operational testing in early 2010, customs officials said."
"There have been more than 35 suspected U.S. missile strikes against Islamist militant sites inside Pakistan since August. At least 130 civilians have been killed so far — and that's a conservative estimate."

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