Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rand Paul Town Hall Meetings

Rand Paul Town Halls

Fellow citizen,

As the democrats in Washington move swiftly to put the government between the doctor and the patient, Dr. Rand Paul is holding Town Halls across the state to champion Capitalism. Is the problem in healthcare too much capitalism or not enough? Dr. Paul makes the case that we do not have any mobility of prices in healthcare and that is one of the many problems not being mentioned in the debate today.

To hear more of Dr. Rand Paul's Healthcare Reforms, please attend one of the following events:

On Tuesday, November 9, Rand Paul will hold a Town Hall in Bowling Green KY at Western Kentucky University at 6:30 PM in the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center room 189 Recital Hall.

On Saturday, November 14, Rand Paul will hold a Town Hall in Lexington KY at the Lexington Christian Academy at 11:30 AM EST.

Also on Saturday, November 14, Dr. Paul will hold another Town Hall in Mount Sterling KY at McNabb Middle School at 4 PM EST.

On Tuesday, December 1, Dr. Paul will travel to Pikeville KY to hold a Cap & Trade Town Hall at Landmark Inn -- Mark 5 Meeting Hall at 6 PM EST.

These Town Halls are free and open to the public.

In Liberty,
Christopher Hightower
Rand Paul For US Senate

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