Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For more information on the Hoax of Global Warming perpuated by 'Spotted Owl' Al Gore watch the below Alternative Media film:
'Global Warming or Global Governance'

Last night, I looked Al Gore right in the eyes.. as I asked him to define the term "global governance." I purchased a book so that I myself could ask him the logical questions that he will never answer. Armed with a camera, I walked up to the man. "Sir, on July 7th of this year, you stated that cap&trade legislation would help to bring about global governance, can you define this term for me?". Evidently, he cannot. The moment these words passed my lips I got to glance at Gore for an instant, a look that quickly displayed the greed, the evil that this man really is. I was pushed away, as Gore does with anyone who questions him.The identical story happened to an Irish filmmaker named Phelim McAleer when he questioned Gore about the inaccuracies in Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, even though a British court has declared that there are eleven discrepancies in the film. Lord Monckton has also challenged Gore to a debate, but to no avail. This man does not allow debate, he does not have any need for it. When so many buy into the lie of man made global warming which he handsomely profits off of, he does not need to prove to others that he is correct. He is totally apathetic about the future of our beautiful country.. he wants to sell away America's sovereignty to a global governance structure which will oversee and enforce "climate change" legislation. When it comes down to it, it means nothing more than a means of control.. and yet another way to divide and conquer. Wherever you may be on the "climate change" issue, Gore is a total fraud.. a traitor to our free country. These people are not heroes.. they merely profit while they enslave you.. laughing all the way to the bank. It's time that America looks past these elitists that we so easily allow to control us. It is time for us to unite and stand for freedom and liberty, not global enslavement disguised as a way to "save the world." With the Copenhagen treaty coming up, as well as Cap&Trade.. the time is now to fight for liberty.. before we do see a fall of the republic. -Savannah WEARECHANGENASHVILLE

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