Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama and Jay Rockefeller attempting to CENSOR AND REBOOT THE INTERNET

I think that Obama and his handlers are doing a bang up job of destroying what's left of America. Our financial infrastructure is collapsing, we continue Endless Wars, we are poisoning our citizens with unnecessary Swine Flu Vaccines, public tax pay dollars are handed over to private businesses, language for public funded abortion is in the new scam entitled HR 3962, and now Savior Obama wants to limit how you get your news and express yourself VIA THE INTERNET...

Senate bill 773 (The Cybersecurity Act of 2009) is causing a flurry of opposition from groups like Campaign for Liberty, which has sent out letters to their members appealing for them to take action against passage of this bill, stating:

“If the ‘Internet Takeover Bill’ passes, Barack Obama can silence his dissenters directly -- by ordering a shutdown of all Americans’ access to the Internet. But that’s not all. Even outside of periods of White House-declared ‘emergency,’ this bill mandates that private-sector networks only be managed by government-licensed cybersecurity professionals.”

Senate Bill 773
“A bill to ensure the continued free flow of commerce within the United States and with its global trading partners through secure cyber communications, to provide for the continued development and exploitation of the Internet and intranet communications for such purposes, to provide for the development of a cadre of information technology specialists to improve and maintain effective cybersecurity defenses against disruption, and for other purposes.”

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