Friday, November 13, 2009

Keep your Fiat Money...

"According to Treasury spokesman Kim Treat, people do send checks. In the last fiscal year they added up to a little over $3 million, which was the highest total since at least 1996.

Some include notes. Common reasons for donating include a sense of patriotism and immigrants expressing their thanks to the United States for giving them an opportunity, he said."

I cannot believe the US Treasury Dept. actually accepts donations to help whittle away at America's 7.6 Trillion Dollar Debt.

We are already being robbed by the Unconstitutional Federal Income Tax and our economy is being annihilated by the Federal Reserve...and they have the audacity to accept donations?!?

Keep your fiat money and invest it in food, water, gold/silver coins, medical supplies, weapons/ammunition for self-defense, while it is still accepted as currency...

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