Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Joey and Amir's Conversation from the Al Gore Book Signing

"Before I left the fiasco, I spoke with a young man of Iranian descent. He also was an Al Gore supporter but politely took one of my fliers. As we began to argue on the inconsististies of Global Warming and Al Gore's Agenda, I noticed he began to listen. His face relaxed and his stance softened. He asked me about my Ron Paul hat and why being a member of the United Nations was a bad thing. As we talked through unjust American Imperialism and our occupying forces of 700 Military Bases in 130 countries I began to see him as a brother and a fellow American. The more we talked the more we had in common. I become emotional as I explained that I did not want America to invade Iran and continue in the Orwellian tradition of Endless War as initated by George W. Bush and unashamedly continued and enhanced under Obama.

I went there to let Al Gore know he did not represent me or other rational and Constitutionally minded Tennesseans. I was nervous and hesistant while sharing fliers and talking with Gore supporters. I am not a gifted debator nor do I have a degree in Politcal Science. But as I spoke and shared the principles penned by our Founding Fathers two hundred or so years ago I found courage to continue. After meeting and befriending the young Iranian American man I felt energized and refreshed by the concepts of liberty and sovereignty we discussed.

I believe his name was Amir. I will remember him and our conversation as I continue to study the Constitution and American History."

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