Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Highway Robbery

5% Of U.S. Taxpayers Account For 60.6% Of All Tax Revenue, 47% Will Pay No Federal Tax In 2009

This is the elimination of the Middle Class..This stat verifies the existence of the Forgotten Man as described by Ron Paul in his book 'The Revolution: A Manifesto'.

Obama is a socialist, he and his goons are systematically destroying America and creating a rich elitist ruling class and a subservient government dependent lower class. The independent working class is being crippled by the tax burden and disenfranchised by no real representation by either political party.

The Middle Class..The Working Class..The Forgotten Man:

"If we believe in liberty, we must also remember what William Graham Sumner called "the forgotten man." The forgotten man is the one whose labor is exploited in order to benefit whatever political cause catches the government's fancy.
The type and formula of most schemes of philanthropy or humanitarianism is this: A and B put their heads together to decide what C shall be made to do for D. The radical vice of all these schemes, from a sociological point of view, is that C is not allowed a voice in the matter, and his position, character, and interests, as well as the ultimate effects on society through C's interests, are entirely overlooked. I call C the Forgotten Man .....
They therefore ignore entirely the source from which they must draw all the energy which they employ in their remedies, and they ignore all the effects on other members of society than the ones they have in view. They are always under the dominion of the superstition, of government, and, forgetting that a government produces nothing at all, they leave out of sight the first fact to be remembered in all social discussion—that the state cannot get a cent for any man without taking it from some other man, and this latter must be a man who has produced and saved it. This latter is the Forgotten Man."

-Ron Paul 'The Revolution: A Manifesto'

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