Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Here's my beef with the Establishment and the Republican Party

"Democrats and Republicans are two factions of the Same Party" - Noam Chomsky

House Minority Leader John Boehner:

"We are in the middle I think of a political rebellion going on in America and this rebellion are by people who really have not been actively involved in the political process and they don’t really care whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican they want to see people who are going to stand up and protect the future for our kids and grandkids," Boehner said. "It's going to be a difficult road to walk with these relatively new entrants into the political system and work with them to show them that by and large we are the party that represents their interest."

"I'm a big believer in Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment: Never talk ill about another Republican," Boehner said.

Mr. Boehner represents exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. I don't think a Politician has ever been more transparent or revealing in reference to the above two quotes.

  1. There is a political rebellion occurring in America right now. This is evidenced by Ron Paul's continued popularity and recent increased financial support of Third Party Candidates or Constitutional Conservatives such as Rand Paul..
  2. We don't care what title you place before your name. We know the Federal Government is corrupt to the core. We know our American Dollar will crash and Hyperinflation is inevitable. We know that Endless War is immoral and we are tired of sending our sons and daughters to die in a foreign country we have no business being in. We are tired of being taxed to simply have our money used to BAILOUT private companies such as AIG, GM, BANK OF AMERICA, ETC.
  3. The 11th Commandment quote is what shatters my trust in the Republican Party and makes me reluctant to have faith in a Two Party System. There must be transparency and accountability in any relationship. If the Elected Officials of the Republican Party who supposedly represent Limited Government, Conservative Values, and Lower Taxes then why is it frowned upon to research and confront politicians who betray the common people they represent?!?
If the Republican Party would like to succeed and regain their credibility they should return to the principles espoused by our Founding Fathers and Ron Paul. Instead they support Endless Wars, encourage the destruction of American Sovereignty through their reluctance to secure our borders and increased push/legislation for NAFTA, and join the same strange/elusive/secretive groups as the Democrats such as : Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group.

Please see the below link...Why are popular Democrats and Republicans who publicly contradict and insult each other on the same boards and hold memberships in the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group?


Alex Jones and the Two Party Paradigm:

What is a Conservative American to do? Both the Democrat and Republican Party promise change but they continue each other policies. Ole George W. snuck in a revised Patriot Act at three in morning and since then we have seen the Federal Government grow exponentially. We have also seen our civil liberties shrink and our Constitution threatened by both parties. Obama, who is promoted as a Savior by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc., promised change and hope but continued to approve unmanned drone bombings in Pakistan killing innocent human beings and destroying villages and homes, continued the Wars he said he would end, and continued Bush's declaration of War on the American Middle Class by increasing TARP funding and more bailouts for all of his campaign contributors.

If you believe in the Constitution and a sense of moral decency you must vote for principle not party. I search for Objective Truth in all aspects of history, politics, religion, and fiscal policy. This has lead me to Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty. I am not setting him up as a Savior. He is a normal fallible man like you and I. Yet, he is the exception in Washington. Watch any of his Youtube videos or read his books. He has no secretive agenda. He does not belong to or support the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, or the Trilateral Commission.

What is so 'fringe' or 'radical' about Constitutional Rights, sound money backed up by a gold standard, and speaking the truth to your constituents and the citizens who elected you?!?

J. Fuller
(I am not a Democrat..Obama, Clinton, and Gore have done a great job destroying the credibility of the Democratic Party...If labels are needed, then I consider myself a Conservative Libertarian, Ron Paul Republican, or a Constitutional Conservative)

Ron Paul's "What if.." Speech:

Here are some old posts with more information on Two Party Corruption, the CFR, and Republicans failing to stand for conservative values and Constitutional Principles:






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