Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Great Awakening 2009

"The Online Dictionary defines ‘asleep at the switch’ as follows: “This term came from 19th-century American railroading, when it was the trainman’s duty to switch cars from one track to another by means of manually operated levers. Should he fail to do so, trains could collide. It was later transferred to any lack of alertness … disastrous results are implied.” (

"This started me thinking. We have arrived at a period in American and world history when being awake is of utmost importance. Being in a position of leadership and yet asleep to critical issues at such a time will certainly lead to the ‘disastrous results’ referred to in the closing phrase in the above definition.""

"During the American Revolution pastors had more influence with the common people than the signers of the Declaration of Independence had. The pastors reach the people where they live. Congregations trust their pastors to give them ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’. Pastors, on the other hand, have access to and an impact on a large audience, and have a strong persuasive platform based on the underpinnings of people’s desire to be right with God. If pastors speak with conviction their congregations will generally listen."

Every day, I continue to be convinced there is a new revolution brewing in America. Some people call it a 'Great Awakening' or the 'Information Revolution'. I sense that Americans are awakening from a fog of selfish consumption and mass media induced hypnosis. There are awakenings occurring spiritually, economically, and politically.

To understand History it is necessary to have a basic understanding of Economics, Politics, Spirituality/Religion, Philosophy, and Cultural Relevance. When reviewing History objectively, you find that each subject is a tool that helps interpret the next. To understand the politics of a culture you must first understand some general aspects of their Religion or Philosophy in order to understand what they hold dear or precious as a nation. To comprehend the economic policy of a nation, one must interpret what it decides is valuable...Whether it is gold, silver, deer skins, rocks, or beads/glass shards.

As you dwell deeper into these subjects you begin to notice patterns throughout history...The great Roman and German Nations/Empires produced many innovative contributions and technologies...but at what cost? Each nation ended due to a politically divided nation, civil unrest, and Total Economic System Collapse due to Hyperinflation.

The devaluation of a nation's currency, delegating power and decision making to an Elite Few, and the hesitancy of the common man to stand against corruption and immorality has destroyed great Empires...

America now faces the same fate and it is up to you to save her...

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