Monday, November 16, 2009

Forwarded Email on the Federal Reserve

Short and to the point.
Why we must close down the Federal Reserve!

In the one hundred years prior to 1913 inflation, the worst tax of all, was ZERO to possibly one percent for the entire 100 years.

In 1913, Congress, unconstitutionally gave the Crime Syndicate of International Bankers control of our money in the name of the Federal Reserve which is not Federal and it has no Reserves. In the 96 years from 1913 to 2009 inflation exceeds 95% so the 2009 dollar will only buy 5 cents of its 1913 counterpart. You haven't seen anything compared to what is about to happen when these recent trillions are added to our debt and hyper inflation created by this Crime Syndicate takes America down the tubes.

How and why we have an Income Tax:

Prior to 1913 and the creation of the Crime Syndicate at the Federal Reserve, there were NO INCOME TAXES, because there were no need for them since our government paid ALL it's expenses with other taxes, duties and income. However after 1913 the Crime Syndicate at the Federal Reserve began creating money out of thin air and loaning it to our government and in return they charge our government interest on this money they create out of thin air. That's why the income tax was created, it was needed to pay the CON ARTISTS at the Crime Syndicate its interest on those FAKE LOANS. If that isn't the GREATEST SCAM IN HISTORY, I sure would like to know what is.

For the record, we taxpayers paid the Crime Syndicate at the Federal Reserve over 451 BILLION dollars in 2008. That's over 1 Billion 235 Million we paid the Crime Syndicate in interest EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2008. Since 1988 we've paid them over 6 TRILLION dollars in interest on their FAKE LOANS. See other years at this link.

Ask yourself this question, why would our Congress and Senate allow this SCAM to continue for nearly 100 years now? The only thing I can think of is they get the ability to spend uncontrollable and they don't seem to be blamed for inflation that is completely their fault. What else are they receiving? There must be corruption somewhere as it's impossible for 535 reasonably intelligent people to be this STUPID?

Join the fight to end the Fed at, we MUST get rid of the International Bankers by dumping the Crime Syndicate at the Federal Reserve. It's also time to DUMP all of the incumbent Representatives and Senators with the exception of Ron Paul and a very few others. Only vote for Representatives and Senators who are willing to close down the Crime Syndicate at the Federal Reserve and get America back on a sound money policy.

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