Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't use Windows as your Operating System or Google as your Search Engine

"The National Security Agency has been working with Microsoft Corp. to help improve security measures for its new Windows 7 operating system, a senior NSA official said on Tuesday.

The confirmation of the NSA’s role, which began during the development of the software, is a sign of the agency’s deepening involvement with the private sector when it comes to building defenses against cyberattacks."

It is common knowledge that Microsoft, NSA, and the Dept. of Defense are all in cahoots to spy on you and gather your personal information and browsing habits. This is all perfectly legal thanks to the Patriot Act which was iniatated by the George W. Adminstration and continued and enhanced by the Obama Adminstration.

"What’s more, according to anarticle in the Military & Aerospace Electronics trade journal, the ICEWS system should be designed to "capture and process vast quantities of data from digitized news media, Websites, blogs, and other sources of information that reflect the dynamic and rapidly changing character and intensity of interactions between people and governments."

"The Pentagon is paying Lockheed Martin to try to predict insurgencies and civil unrest like the weather. It’s part of a larger military effort to blend forecasting software with social science that has some counterinsurgency experts cringing."

"Lockheed recently won a $1.3 million, 15-month contract from the Defense Department to help develop the "Integrated Crises Early Warning System, or ICEWS. The program will "let military commanders anticipate and respond to worldwide political crises and predict events of interest and stability of countries of interest with greater than 80 percent accuracy," the company claims. "Rebellions, insurgencies, ethnic/religious violence, civil war, and major economic crises" will all be predictable. So will "combinations of strategies, tactics, and resources to mitigate [against those] instabilities.""

Use this instead of Google:

Here's a link with information on how Google is tracking and documenting your every move for the Gubment:

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