Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buy them while you can...

"All over America demand for firearms and ammunition is rising amid concerns that rising unemployment, which passed 10 per cent this month, will lead inexorably to higher rates of crime. Fears of terrorism have also helped to lift demand, as have concerns among gun owners that the Obama Administration may introduce restrictions on gun ownership and impose additional taxes.

Mike Golden, chief executive at Smith and Wesson, is sceptical about the so-called Obama effect on gun sales, believing that his company’s booming revenues have “nothing to do with the administration” and everything to do with the economy.

Smith & Wesson’s hunting rifle sales in 2009 dropped about 33 per cent at a time when the company’s other gun sales — revolvers, pistols, Walther imports, and tactical rifles — grew 33 per cent,” he said.

Even though some experts believe that the gun bubble may be about to burst, with a slowdown in the rate of sales growth, such a view is not shared across the industry."

I think the increase in gun and ammunition sales is due to the crazed way in which Obama and his goons are seizing power and destroying American Civil Liberties.

The writing is on the wall. The American Dollar will fail. There is talk about Global Initiatives, Global Government, and the American President continues to tour the world bowing to Foreign Leadership and praising a religion which frightens most Americans.

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