Monday, October 26, 2009

Victory for Liberty in Tennessee

A forwarded email from Matt Collins Vice Chair Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party:

State Rep Susan Lynn (R) introduced a sovereignty resolution in TN declaring sovereignty under the 10th Amendment which was recently passed and signed by the Governor. It is worth pointing out that this resolution was introduced exactly 1 month after my suggestion to Rep Lynn of a sovereignty resolution at the America's Future Foundation Round Table in January. It is said that "the world is run by those who show up" and the fact that this resolution exists I believe is proof of that. If I had not taken the time to attend local forums, meetings, and events such as this, would anyone else have brought the idea of a sovereignty resolution before Rep Lynn for her consideration? That will never be known of course however the more of us who advocate limited-government / Constitutional ideals begin to become involved in local political activism, the greater affect we will have on our government.

Details are below......

You can read the resolution itself here:

Rep Susan Lynn is running for TN Senate. Here is her campaign website:

Here is Rep Susan Lynn's Blog:

Here is the official legislative page for Rep Susan Lynn:

And another article from the 10th Amendment Center about the TN Sovereignty Resolution:
(the comments are interesting)

Here is information on America's Future Foundation

Matt Collins
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