Friday, October 23, 2009

State of the TNSOL blog update

Dear Readers:

I think this might be my third update of sorts. Recently, I recorded a presentation on the Swine Flu and it got some promotion via Youtube and Alex Jones of INFOWARS.COM. It was enough to be asked to give a presentation at the Tennessee Republican Assembly on 11/14/09 which is a win! for Liberty and Alternative Media in my book!

I now have two blogs. TNSONSOFLIBERTY.BLOGSPOT.COM will continue to function as the main site. It has grown and is really a lot of information at once, which I worry could scare off the casual reader. If you are new to American History, Politics, etc.. start with one subject. For example, the Federal Reserve. Read all that you can on it. In the right hand side of the screen I have tagged all of my posts on the Federal Reserve as "Corrupt Federal Reserve" or "Financial System Collapse". To search for OBJECTIVE TRUTH is a noble and difficult task. I do not subscribe to the belief that 'truth' is relative. There are some basic ideals and truths which can be found through Nature or through biblical text which are good building blocks for any society. I would never support anyone forcing an individual into a certain religion or belief system. But I think Americans must recognize that our country and culture is 'sick'. Not just 'sick' but 'critically ill'...and we must reduce Federal Government, restore personal responsibility, restore family values and recognition/respect of the family unit, and return to a less powerful decentralized federal govt and hold are elected state officials accountable to make sure they represent us as Tennesseans.

The second blog...GARAGEPATRIOT.WORDPRESS.COM...will serve as a release valve to will host more abstract ideals and have less explanation..This will be more raw and personal in nature. I have a lot of ideas for future projects but I am lacking in monetary funds and technology at this moment...More to come...

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