Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama wants your kids to have less time at home and more time in school away from YOU: THE PARENT

"Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe.

"Now, I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas," the president said earlier this year. "Not with Malia and Sasha, not in my family, and probably not in yours. But the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom."

What are these imaginary 'challenges' that Obama keeps talking about? Where is the 'crisis'? They are all manufactured. He is a talking head, a puppet for globalist groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations. He does not represent you. He is not looking out for you. He does not care about you or your children.

"Obama called for longer school days and longer school years, noting that children in South Korea are in school a month longer than American children (see the 20:10 mark of the video). He also called for higher pay for the best teachers, a move long opposed by Teachers Unions.

In opening remarks, Obama also made it clear he will not scale back his aggressive agenda, saying that it is possible to do more than one thing at a time. Some critics, even among Democrats, have suggested recently that Obama is trying to do too much, too fast. "

"Does Obama want every kid to do these things? School until dinnertime? Summer school? And what about the idea that kids today are overscheduled and need more time to play?"

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MickeyWhite said...

why would anyone want their children to spend 1 extra min. in a govenment school is beyond me.