Wednesday, September 16, 2009

United Nations targets 5 year olds with Sexually Explicit Curriculum

Get the United States out of the United Nations!

"The guidelines break down suitable topics for discussion into four age groups. Among the most controversial recommendations are for teachers to begin discussing subjects such as masturbation with children from the age of five.

They recommend teachers should discuss the idea that 'girls and boys have private body parts that can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself'.

When children are 12, teachers should be covering issues such as 'access to safe abortion and post-abortion care' and the 'use and misuse of emergency contraception'."

Ask yourself:

Why is the USA a part of the United Nations?

We are an Independent and Sovereign Nation.

Why is Obama such a big fan of the United Nations?

Why is he serving on a upcoming Security Council for the UN with a well known terrorist named Gahdafi?

Why does the United Nations portray itself as a peaceful group which wishes to build peaceful dialogues between nations when it targets the Children of every Nation with sexually explicit messages, discredits the right of parent's to raise children as they see fit, and wishes to disarm private citizen's across the world.

Here is another article detailing the exploits of the United Nations:

"We recognize that sexual exploitation and abuse is a problem in some missions," said Jane Holl Lute, a U.N. assistant secretary general, at a recent press conference. "It's obvious that the measures we've had in place have not been adequate." Relief organizations and human rights groups agree, describing as "urgent" the need to protect young girls from U.N. militia and staff. As Patrick Barbier, of Doctors Without Borders, told one newspaper: "It is clear that the necessary steps to protect the displaced population from violence and sexual exploitation have not been followed."

Hit the road Obama, Bush, Bernanke, Central Bankers...Americans are outraged and we're taking our country back!

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