Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tracking Devices for your Car!

"A Member of Congress proposes to use taxpayer money to fund the development of technology to track motorists as part of a new form of taxation. US Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) introduced H.R. 3311 earlier this year to appropriate $154,500,000 for research and study into the transition to a per-mile vehicle tax system. The “Road User Fee Pilot Project” would be administered by the US Treasury Department."

"Blumenauer is a long-time advocate of bicycling and mass transit in Congress. Many of his largest campaign donors stand to benefit from his newly introduced legislation. Honeywell International, for example, is a major manufacturer RFID equipment. The company also happens to be the second biggest contributor in the current cycle to Blumenauer’s Political Action Committee (PAC), the Committee for a Livable Future. Another top-ten donor, Accenture, is a specialist in the video tolling field."

Let's see, there's already an option to chip your dog or cat so you can never lose them, previous legislation with failed attempts to put a chip in a new Fed. Govt ID card, then we will be convinced we must chip our children to keep them safe from kidnappers, and finally we will chipped for safety reasons, monetary security, and medical identification..

Absolute Insanity...

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