Friday, September 18, 2009

Reverse Racism Insanity Continues on the Today Show!

Watch this..Unbelievable..

It is okay to be 'white' and disagree with someone of a different skin color. That does not make you a racist. It means you have A DISAGREEMENT WITH THAT PERSON. Jimmy Carter and 'Michael' are idiots and are grasping at straws. Why is the Mainstream Media trying to create racial tension and divide/polarize American Citizens with Obama? I thought Obama was all about change and hope?

This misguided gentleman named Michael, whom appears to suffer from auditory hallucinations, somehow heard the word 'boy' and 'you uppity nigger' after Joe Wilson made the statement 'You Lie'. He then admits he didn't really hear it, but it was implicated in his tone of voice.

Wake up America! This is madness, hysteria, propaganda at it's best!

Resist, Refuse, and Refute with the Truth!

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