Thursday, September 24, 2009

Police Brutality in Pittsburgh!

G 20 Summit Annual Police BrutalityFest in Pittsburgh:

Here's an old link to info on the LRAD device: TURN DOWN YOUR SPEAKERS BEFORE VIEWING:

No matter what party or theory you subscribe to...I bet we could all agree that Obama is hoping to assemble some sort of one world government..He has been on speaking tours in Germany, Egypt, Mexico, bowing to a Saudi Prince and hanging out with Chavez and Gadhafi. You can't argue with that...

So here are my suggestions to prevent future police brutality/loss of civil rights etc.. in your town:

1. Make friends with as many Police Officers and Military Veterans as you can...Shake their hand, tell them you appreciate their service, bake them cookies, buy their lunch, share with them the Oathkeepers website

2. Get to know your local State Representative...Write him/her a handwritten letter, call their office.. mail them documents or email them links that back up your beliefs...For example you could mail your Representative a Campaign for Liberty flier or New American Magazine..Stay on them concerning the 10th Amendment and State's Rights!

3. Educate yourself on local laws, the Constitution, and American History. Be prepared for the worst. Have food/weapons/medicine stocked in your household.

4. Join some sort of group to stay informed..Whether it is on or JBS.ORG.. Find some other people like you in your city so you can network and strengthen each other's faith and courage during despairing times...

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