Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Perfect Storm

Obama's Checklist for a Perfect Storm:

  • Continue George W. Bush's policies...especially the Patriot Act and perpetuation of Endless Wars
  • Send unmanned drones to bomb Pakistan
  • Redistribute wealth via the Cash for Clunkers program which inevitably create an Automobile Bubble similar to the Housing Bubble
  • Punish Success and Reward Failure by 'bailing out' private businesses such as GM, Chrsyler, Bank of America, etc by using American Tax Payer money and putting off the debt onto the shoulders of future Americans
  • Create a imaginary 'Healthcare Crisis' in order to seize control of the last profitable industry in America...
  • Continue to spread the propaganda of Global Warming via a Cap and Trade Tax where you pay dollars so you can pollute and tax the American Taxpayers to death via an increase in utility bills!
  • Give the Federal Reserve more power by allowing them to deem what banks are financially unfit and can be subsequently shut down
  • Lie/Cover up who the Federal Reserve really are...Private Bankers who print imaginary money out thin air which is not backed up by anything and then loaned to the American Federal Government at an interest rate which they control...thus they can hyperinflate or deflate our economy at will..
  • Use the Mass Media (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) to tell half truths, lie about the Endless Wars, run hit pieces on Ron Paul and conservatives, and continue to polarize and divide American through racially charged vitriol..also sedate the average American with stories of Michelle Obama's fashion sense, the death of Michael Jackson, and the self-destructive Brittney Spears, and other vapid Hollywood shenanigans
  • Paint Republicans or Conservatives as racists, domestic terrorists, and extremists..Release Dept. of Homeland Security reports labeling Ron Paul supporters and those against Abortion as criminals and to be put on a watchlist
  • Continue to support such Global Groups such as the United Nations by serving on a Security Council with Gaddafi's a known Terrorist and make sure not to speak out when the UN proposes to replace the American Dollar as the reserve currency and create a new one world currency
  • Use the same tactics as ole' George W. by labelling Iran as a threat and alleging that they have Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Weapon technology or secret labs..remember what that started?
  • Continue to print more money which will cause inevitable Hyperinflation and make America more of a slave to the holder of it's debt, China, and fly their flag on the Capitol while your at it..
  • Jokingly but honestly admit that the Council of Foreign Relations tells you what to do and how to think
  • Don't build that wall near Mexico..Secure Borders might slow down or stop Illegal Immigration..which would stop the spread of a very virulent Tuberculosis and ease crowded waiting rooms in our American Hospitals.
  • Bow to Saudi Princes
  • Gladhand and pal around with Chavez
  • Give campaign speeches in Germany before your elected as President and use the same New World Order slang as Daddy Bush..even though your not George W.
  • Target America's children by giving weird homework assignments and classroom activities to public schoolchildren and Teachers..then address children while they are in school away from their parents
  • Propose shorter summer breaks, longer school weeks, and longer school hours to 'better indoctrinate...er...I meant educate children'
  • Create new government positions and call them Czars...make sure they are appointed by the President and the Congress and American People have no power in their appointment
  • Help Big Pharmaceutical Companies profit off of the American People by using fear tactics to force citizens into to Regular Flu and Swine Flu Vaccines..and make sure you pass legislation preventing the Vaccine Makers from being sued
  • Discredit the Tea Party Movement
  • Use your buddies at the United Nations and the World Health Organization to scare everyone by declaring the swine flu as a Pandemic...even though it is more mild than the regular flu and Tuberculosis kills more annually
Special Thanks to the Rothschild and Rockefeller families for helping compile this list..along with the Trilateral Comission, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, Bilderburg Group, and the Central Bankers behind the Federal Reserve.

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