Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My People...Our America

Tea Party Protesters drown out CNN reporter...

This is our America..we foolishly allowed ourselves to be sedated by television, robbed by the Federal Reserve, and deceived by slick talking Republicans and Democrats alike...

We are the real Americans:

Honest, hard working, rational, moral/logical, family loving, those who appreciate the Constitution, and who still believe we are a Sovereign Republic, and those who honor God or our Creator...This is our land...And you central bankers and criminal politicians are in for a rude awakening of sorts..

As more and more Americans see their tax dollars go to private companies for bailouts, being lied to by the Socialist Obama, and being manipulated by the Mass Media...They will begin to educate themselves..By reading the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, History Books, Ron Paul Books, attending Tea Parties, doing independent research on the Internet, etc,

These American will assemble and will elect a Third Party President...Call them the 'Tea Party' or 'Constitutionalist Party' or invade the Republican Party and restore it to it's core values...

The Federal Government will be decentralized, the power will return to the people and to the State, and the Federal Reserve will be dismantled. We will return to a sound monetary system backed by silver or gold.

As long as I am living, and others like me, this will always be our America. A land of freedom, individual rights, and land of liberty and opportunity. Socialism and communism will be routed out, and there will be no Dictator or Tyrant in America posing as President.

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