Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My letter to the Nashville Scene

Dear Sir:

Your article is simply an inflammatory hit piece against the Republican Party. I would love to read an objective non partisan article in the Nashville Scene..but perhaps that's asking too much. You refer to recent events in a derogatory tone, calling citizens who attend Tea Parties 'teabaggers' which is a sexual derogatory term and complain of a recent protest as being 'too white'. Zach and Wamp are just like Bredesen and Bush and Obama. They are talking heads or puppets. Wamp voted for the Bailout...

I like Joe Kirkpatrick and his stances..although he is not the best public speaker and does not have the financial backing to get his message out...There are a large group of us in Tennessee and the rest of America..We call ourselves libertarians or constitutionalists..We believe in basic Constitutional Ideals/Values, smaller and decentralized Fed. Govt, and the free market of Capitalism. Most of us have basic conservative morals which usually lend itself to the Republican Party...Although it has failed to be the voice of reason crying out in the desert..partly because the major figureheads in the Republican Party believe in Bigger Govt. and Endless War..which a lot of us do not...

I would love to see the Nashville Scene report on Objective Political News...How bout a piece on Obama and his statement on the Letterman Show..about how America needs bigger government and more government intervention? Is that what you stand for? That the Federal Govt. is the answer for everything?

I have written you before and did not receive a response. I do not expect a response, but allow me to assure you that I am open to debate and would love to contribute a piece on the Constitutional Party or the Libertarian Party..

If you would ever like to meet a group of people who are rational, have sensible/conservative values, desire smaller Federal Govt, and a return of wealth and personal freedoms to the individual American please contact me or check out the Campaign for Liberty website.



Please watch this youtube clip:

It is an audio capture of the 9/21/09 Obama/Letterman conversation..Please listen at 4:00 minutes..Obama states the reason we are in the mess we are in financially is because we have 'too little government. A bigger Federal Government is never the answer. I would love to see the Nashville Scene report on this..I would contribute a piece on the Federal Reserve and how historically, Central Banking has always sought to destroy economies, artificially create deflation or inflation through printing paper money with no intrinsic value and by manipulating interest rates...

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