Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Swine Flu Propaganda!

"H1N1 outbreak could be worsened by unvaccinated medical staff"

The headline for the link reads as posted above. Here we go..This is the start of painting people whom refuse the Swine Flu Vaccine as wackos or uneducated...I am a Registered Nurse and I will not take the Swine Flu Vaccine under any circumstance. I have done the research as evidenced by the various articles and links on my blog. There is a enough objective evidence and unanswered questions that should alarm all American Citizens. Do not be pressured into taking this vaccine.

There are tons of other Medical Professionals who will be refusing this vaccine as well. Do the research for yourself or ask your local paramedic or nurse. The Swine Flu so far is extremely mild, with the illness lasting only 24-48 hours. I have worked with patients who were positive for Influenza A and/or the Swine Flu and I did not get sick.

I have taken Vitamin D in the form of whole milk, 1000mg doses of Vitamin C infrequently, Zinc, and a Multivitamin. I also wash my hands. That's it...

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