Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The word 'crisis' is a favorite term of the Obama administration. This is used in frequent conjunction with the words economic, healthcare, or financial. The proposals of Obamacare are controversial, confusing, and contrived at best. I would like to offer some real world and practical advice for anyone seeking the truth about Healthcare.

A lot of readers do not know that HCA Emergency Rooms in Nashville, TN offer a 70% uninsured discount upon discharge. That means that a fifteen hundred dollar ER bill would be reduced to four hundred and fifty dollars. There are a lot of misconceptions and urban legends concerning Emergency Room Medicine. Speaking from a RN's perspective, we do not care what kind of insurance you have. We treat you based on your complaint or your level of acuity. So we will grab a gun shot victim or a person complaining of chest pain faster than someone with a headache for 3 months. The Registration staff collects and processes your personal information. We do have access to review your insurance, but it does not dictate your quality of care or how quickly you receive your medicine. Emergency Rooms are overcrowded, but we do not turn anyone away. I have improvised and used hallways as rooms and used chairs as stretchers to ensure every patient can be seen by a Physician.

The Healthcare Industry needs an overhaul. It is too expensive and those who are insured have seen their premiums rise yearly. I would like to preface that by saying the Federal Government should not be the one to 'save' us from the Big Bad HMO's and the Insurance Companies. If I wrote out a 'History of Abuses' by the Federal Government concerning fiscal wisdom and abuse of taxpayer money it would fill volumes. The Federal Government has it's tentacles in too many pies. If America is going to continue as a Sovereign Republic fueled by free market capitalism ,then the Federal Government must be restrained and reduced.

Our Founding Fathers battled a similar enemy approximately two hundred and twenty odd years ago. It seems we find ourselves again facing those same challenges. Collectivism vs. Individualism. A Totalitarian State vs. a Limited Federal Government. Corrupt Politicians and Greedy Central Bankers vs. Liberty loving Americans who still believe in the Constitution and moral decency. The famous words of Patrick Henry are being rediscovered by frustrated Veterans, farmers, and laid off workers across America. 'Give me Liberty, or give me Death'.

I'm choosing Liberty...

Fortunate Son

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